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If your intention was to deviate from RS3

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    August 12, 2020
    Why did you decide to rs gold 2007 do this instead of including an altar to Zamorak? I have always thought that it would make a lot more sense to have a Zamorakian altar in Darkmeyer, equally in RS3 and OSRS. So why did you choose not to do this?

    Vanescula asserts in the quest that she wishes to go back to a time when people and vampires coexisted peacefully, beneath the Zarosian Empire. Can you consider Vanescula is be a Zarosian, or is she's simply a Zamorakian who participates Lowerniel Drakan's policies? You give Vanescula a signficantly longer sassy/sarcastic personality in OSRS compared to RS3. While I enjoyed this, I also liked Vanescula's RS3 personality. Why did you opt to make this alteration to her personality?

    You decided to deviate from the RS3 questline with blisterwood augment silver sickles and the flail of ivandis. However, if your intention was to deviate from RS3 for the interest of deviating from RS3, why did you not decide to go further and instead have the Myreque build helmets which would prevent the Turks from studying the thoughts of people? If you are conversant with Magneto's helmet from the X-Men, I am considering a similar idea. Then, maybe the Myreque would be able to use conventional weapons against the vampires, with their thoughts protected by some sort of silver apparel. Or perhaps their silver weapons would deal more damage and be more precise. So why would you reject thoughts like this and rather opt to choose the blisterwood flail?

    We see dinosaurs. However, I have trouble knowing how gold coins created by a person kingdom would have any use for those vampires. They've a much greater demand for blood, but the vampires do not appear to be purchasing blood (using gold coins) from some other humans anywhere on the planet. It might seem like, provided their constant demand for blood, liters of blood or congealed blood would be much more suitable currency. So why did you decide that the vampires would use gold coins as currency?

    In the blood alchemy laboratory, we see what is the blood altar in RS3. However, I didn't find any confirmation that it was the blood altar in OSRS. Can it be the blood altar? If so, that seems debatable, seeing as the bloodstream altar on Zeah is, lore-wise, supposed to somehow be attached into the"actual" blood altar. And Zeah is practically on the other side of Earth. So is that altar the blood altar, and buy old school runescape gold why did you decide to set the blood clot?